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The Biological Modeling Specialty Section (BMSS) will present the BMSS Best Trainee Abstract Award to the lead author of the best biologically-based computational modeling abstract at the BMSS Business Meeting and Reception during the SOT Annual Meeting. An achievement plaque will be presented to the lead author of the winning abstract.

Any student or postdoctoral abstract submitted to SOT for the annual meeting which indicates a biologically-based computational modeling focus or impact is eligible for this award. After acceptance of the abstract by the SOT Program Committee, please send a copy of the abstract to the contacts below (BMSS officers).


All student or postdoctoral SOT abstracts, both poster and platform presentations, that have been accepted by the SOT for presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting are eligible

Selection Procedure

The Best Abstract Award Committee will be composed of BMSS member volunteers and led by the BMSS Vice President. Beside the nominated abstracts, the Committee will also search the submitted abstracts to identify eligible abstracts. Each candidate abstract will be judged based on innovation, quality of modeling, potential or realized impact on the field, utility in toxicology/risk assessment, and other criteria deemed important to the Committee.

BMSS members are also encouraged to nominate abstracts for competition by sending a copy of the submitted abstract via email to BMSS Vice President-elect.


  • Get trainee abstracts from SOT (conducted by the BMSS Post-doc Representative).As the best trainee abstract award is not restricted for either SOT or BMSS membership, all abstracts submitted by trainees are eligible for this award. So all these abstracts submitted by trainees can be pulled out by contacting Kevin Merritt ([email protected]) and mentioning our requirement is all the trainee abstracts.
  • Screening to select the relevant abstracts for this award (conducted by the BMSS Post-doc Representative and Vice-President Elect)).

The following screening keywords were used for 2019 selection (these can be updated):

biological model, risk assessment, safety assessment, NAM, kinetics, dynamics, QSAR, dose response, AOP, PBPK, PBK, PBTK, TK, IVIVE, QIVIVE, HT-IVIVE

In adobe acrobat reader (Edit-Advanced Search), multiple key words can be used for search spontaneously. The process done for 2019 SOT annual meeting is documented as below, and relevant documents will be backup in our wiki: Total trainee abstracts were 837 before the keyword-based screening.

By searching “NAM QSAR AOP PBPK PBTK PBK TK IVIVE QIVIVE HT-IVIVE” (“match any of the words” in search setting), we got 32 abstracts. By searching “biological model”, “risk assessment”, and “safety assessment” individually (“match exact word or phrase” in search setting), we got 72 abstracts. All these abstracts (85 in total without duplicates) above are more relevant ones. So they were combined, extracted and named as “Abstract more relevant.pdf”.

By searching “kinetic”, “dynamic” and “dose response” correspondingly (“match exact word or phrase” in search setting), I got 84 abstracts by deleting duplicates from previous “more relevant” abstracts. Some of these abstracts are less relevant, and most of them are wet-lab research. These abstract were named as “Abstract less relevant.pdf”. The excel file contains the list of abstract numbers by searching each of these key words, separately for “more relevant” and “less relevant” abstracts.

  • The chair of the award committee (Vice President-Elect) and any volunteers (in 2019, there was no volunteer) select <~20 abstracts
  • The award committee (BMSS council except post-doc and student reps) evaluate the selected abstracts in the above step and score them to choose the best trainee abstract and the runner ups (in 2019, we awarded all the 18 selected abstracts as honorable mention).
  • The selected trainee’s information and poster presentation time can be found from the annual meeting program. Please refer to the awardee information template in the 2019 documents.
  • VP-elect notify the winner and honorable mentions before the annual meeting and invite them to the BMSS reception and any mentoring event (in 2019, mentoring luncheon). Request RSVP to facilitate our planning.
  • The winner receives a plaque, a ribbon for poster, and a badge sticker (BMSS VP-elect and other officers to distribute these before poster presentation). The honorable mentions receive a ribbon for poster and a badge sticker. All the selected trainees on the finalist will be invited for the mentoring luncheon.


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